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3 Reasons Why UV Light Hair Training Will Boost Your Business

1. More Revenue, Increase in Average Sale:

Introducing new salon services like UV Light Hair can increase revenue and customer loyalty. It also allows for creative designs and boosts average sales.

2. Innovation, Trendy Salon:

Your clients will see you as a leader in the sector, always up to date with trends and innovations, with the most innovative systems on the market.

3. Cost Effectiveness

You will be able to offset the investment in training in the new UV Light Hair technique in 1 week.

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What does UV Light Hair Masterclass Training consist of?

UV Light Hair Masterclass is designed for hairdressers and stylists seeking to integrate a revolutionary extension system into their salon services. Elevate your business by boosting average sales and offering clients new options to enhance their image: from lengthening and volumising hair to adding color without chemicals or drastic transformations.

4 Different UV Light Install Methods

Presented by certified experts

Safe Removal Procedures

Covering every topic you need

UV Light Hair Professional Certificate

Master the Technique

of UV Light Hair NOW!

Discover the Latest Hair Trend of 2024

UV Light Hair Extensions

Only a handful of hair professional have mastered this method, making it a golden opportunity for you to become an industry leader.

Video Based Training

Your training is consist of instructional videos, which you will find highly effective for learning techniques. Unlike traditional workbooks with confusing illustrations, all the training videos ensure clarity and understanding.

Lifetime Access to Your Training

Your UV Light Masterclass access will never expire. You can revisit your lessons at your own pace, reinforcing your skills whenever needed. Feel empowered and confident as you master this technique.

4 Different UV Light Install Methods

You will learn our signature UV Light Hair installation methods. From Method 1 to Method 4, each represents a step in our journey of innovation. We have done all the hard work for you and have refined our techniques to deliver the most realistic and seamless results. While others may stick to Method 1, we are committed to excellence, pushing boundaries to set new standards. Join us and align yourself with quality, innovation, and success.

Hair Removal

Worried about removing UV Light Hair extensions? Let us put your mind at ease. Contrary to common concerns, our removal process is safe and straightforward. Designed with great care, it ensures your client's hair stays healthy and hydrated, free from dryness or damage. We prioritize the integrity of their natural strands, ensuring no breakage. Our technique precisely targets UV extensions, leaving the rest of the hair untouched. Say goodbye to removal worries and hello to peace of mind with UV Light Hair.

Throughout this masterclass, you will gain invaluable knowledge and skills, including:

  • UV Light Hair Tool Kit
  • Lifetime Access to Training
  • 4 Different UV Light Install Methods
  • Hair Preparation Techniques
  • UV Light Kit Setup Guidance
  • UV Light Tool Setup Tips
  • Achieving Seamless Application
  • Safe Removal Procedures
  • Selecting the Perfect Hair Extensions
  • Maximising Longevity of Extensions
  • Best Practices in UV Light Hair Extensions
  • UV Light Professional Certificate upon Completion
  • 15 in depth training videos
  • Secret tools reveal
  • Download Full Training Manual in PDF

Meet your trainer Margaret Dukony

My UV Light Hair Journey

In October 2023, just two months before Christmas, I stumbled upon a video that left me electrified.

Watching it, I felt a rush of excitement I hadn't experienced in over 20 years. It was a moment that changed everything.

Determined to explore this newfound fascination, I dove headfirst into the world of UV Light Hair.

Despite the scarcity of resources, I scoured every corner of the internet for information. Yet, my attempts to reach out for guidance went unanswered.

Unfazed, I made my own way. After much perseverance, I struck a deal with the factory and became partners with them. The rest, as they say, is history.

Fueled by my passion, I created the UV Light Hair Installation Masterclass Training, aiming to empower hair professionals tired of the same old installations and eager to seize this golden opportunity.

You Will Get

- UV Light Signature Technique

You will unlock the secrets of our UV Light Signature Technique, an exclusive method developed through meticulous experimentation and refinement. With this essential technique, revealed during your training, you will master the art of UV Light installation, setting yourself apart as a leader in the field. Don't miss out on this integral aspect of your training, designed to elevate your skills and ensure success in UV Light Hair installation.

(£5,470 value)

- Hair Strands Separator Tool Reveal

This tool is one of our secret weapons. It's crucial for achieving a flawless finish, which is why we never reveal it in our videos. It's what makes our UV installations stand out from the rest. Without this tool, it's impossible to create the illusion of hair growing from your client's scalp.

(£3,950 value)

- ProGlue Applicator Reveal

This is one of our exclusive tools, carefully concealed in our videos to safeguard your investment. The ProGlue Applicator is your time-saving solution, eliminating messy glue clean-up caused by overuse during installation. The ProGlue Applicator sets itself apart from traditional UV glue bottles by minimizing excess glue buildup, resulting in you having a durable hold and lifelike finish without clogged up glue.

(£2,950 value)

- UV Light Mastery Unlimited

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the immediate training period. With lifetime access to the UV Light Masterclass, you'll have the freedom to revisit the lessons at your own pace, reinforcing your understanding and refining your skills whenever you need. We want you to feel empowered and confident in mastering this technique, without the pressure of time constraints or the fear of forgetting what you've learned. Your journey towards becoming a UV Light expert is not just about learning; it's about winning, growing, and thriving in your craft.

(£2,497 value)

- Social Shine Exposure

FREE Marketing on our social media and site

As a newly qualified UV Light Professional, you deserve every opportunity to shine. That's why we're offering you FREE marketing on our social media channels and website.

With our support, you'll gain valuable exposure to potential clients, helping you build your brand and grow your business. Our platform will showcase your skills and expertise, attracting new clients and boosting your credibility in the industry.

(£1,997 value)

- Accredited UV Light Hair Professionals Directory

As a certified UV Light Hair Professional! You are not just gaining a certification; you're gaining visibility. Your name will be prominently featured on our List of Certified UV Light Hair Professionals, making it easier than ever for potential clients to discover your talent and expertise. Take advantage of this invaluable opportunity to showcase your skills and expand your client base.

(£1,997 value)

- Mastering UV Light Hair Installation with Any Hair Type

Say goodbye to the stress of searching for specific hair types and embrace the freedom to work with any texture or style. In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to adapt your techniques to accommodate various hair types, ensuring seamless and stunning results every time. With this bonus, you'll feel confident knowing that regardless of the hair type you encounter, you'll have the skills and knowledge to complete your UV Light installations with ease.

(£995 value)

- PDF Playbook: Unlock Your Video Training

Imagine having all the essential information at your fingertips, neatly organized in a portable document. This PDF training is like having a personal coach by your side, guiding you through each step of becoming a UV Light specialist.We could easily sell this PDF course separately, but we're including it for free as part of your training package. With this invaluable resource, you can master the art of UV Light hair extensions quickly and seamlessly. Say goodbye to obstacles and hello to accelerated learning—your journey to becoming a UV Light specialist starts here!

(£797 value)

- Bonus UV Light Hair Tool Kit for FREE

Secure your UV Light Hair journey now! Don't fall for imitations. With our exclusive offer, get the authentic UV Light Hair Tool Kit for FREE, ensuring your training starts with the genuine tools you need. Embark on your path to success with confidence!

(£427 value)

Total Value: £21,080

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